Tiscali Business Services Launches Mobileworker

Tiscali has launched Mobileworker, an extension of Tiscali Homeworker and is centered on a simple to use software client that allows the user to choose any secure network or Internet connection method available at their current location.

The Mobileworker interface allows the user to choose from a list of available access options ranging from dial-up, broadband, Ethernet connection (e.g. hotels, hot desk or client site), cellular access or wireless/Wi-Fi services – whether these are provided directly by Tiscali or an alternative provider, at any specific location.

The application then augments out of the office connectivity in a way, according to Tiscali, that no other service provider can. It takes away the complexities of managing a mobile workforce by providing a “single-source” user interface whilst bringing together all the management elements of a true remote working solution including: central administration, security policy management, and transparent, predictable and controllable costs

The launch is in partnership with Fiberlink, an innovator in secure mobile workforce solutions. The Tiscali-Fiberlink partnership is expected to extend to further countries served by the Tiscali Group in the coming months.

Nathan Francis, general manager of Tiscali Business Services says: “The mobile workforce represents about 20% of pan-European flexible workers in mid-size companies, and we see a strong demand for mobile broadband solutions. The combination of Tiscali’s expertise in business broadband and flexible working solutions with Fiberlink’s experience in mobile technology will result in a compelling package for business customers.”

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