Tiscali helps Channel Partners Maximise Opportunities with Webinars

Tiscali today announces a series of webinars that will introduce Tiscali and Nildram resellers to the features and opportunities offered by its new Annex M technology based products.

Just rolled out across all Tiscali’s broadband business brands, including Nildram, the introduction of Annex M and SDSL (M) offer a new range of powerful wholesale services which will continue to give its Channel partners a competitive edge through faster, more innovative and less expensive services compared to BT’s SDSL and leased lines.

In order to allow resellers to ‘hit the ground running’, the company is hosting two immediate webinars for Nildram Channel Partners on Tuesday 17 March at 11.00am and for the Tiscali Channel a week later on 24 March at the same time.

Lance Spencer, Product and Marketing Director for Tiscali Business Services, says: “Both Tiscali and Nildram resellers are quickly benefitting from these new technologies as more than viable alternatives to BT’s SDSL and leased line services. The webinars allow us to reach and communicate with more resellers in an interactive and environmentally friendly way. It presents a great opportunity for our partners to learn about the many benefits of Annex M technologies without having to leave their office.”

Born out of ADSL2+, Annex M and SDSL (M) enable Tiscali and Nildram resellers to provide their customers with greater service options and a host of attractive features, including higher guaranteed bandwidth for businesses, a doubling of VoIP connections per company and the opportunity to run multiple services such as voice, video and other media over a single circuit.

Annex M is a variant of ADSL2+ which extends the basic capability by doubling the number of upstream bits with a corresponding decrease in the less important downstream. Data rates can be as high as 16Mb downstream and up to 2.5Mb upstream under near perfect conditions. These speeds vary depending upon the type of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) being used, local line quality and distance from the exchange. Industry first SDSL (M) is an SDSL type service delivered over ADSL infrastructure with an option of four fixed, symmetrical bandwidth, 1:1 products at 512K, 1Mb, 1.5Mb and 2Mb.

Annex M is available on Tiscali’s Local Loop Unbundled network infrastructure which has over 1,000 exchanges already unbundled giving a business footprint of over 55% for business users.

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