Too Soon to Announce Death of TDM

UK convergence and IP telephony resellers grew at more than twice the rate of the communications services sector as a whole last year, according to new research.

This news also comes after last week’s announcement that Carphone Warehouse’s network operating subsidiary, Opal Telecom, has announced that the firm will deploy a converged IP network to the UK market, with IMS functions for consumers.

John Harvey, UK director of specialist telecoms consultancy Logan Orviss International, said: “This research may appear to indicate that TDM is on the way out but I think it is too early to speak of its death; it is the current workhorse of our industry. However, what this survey does indicate is that there is significant uptake of resellers using IP technology to carry service. This implies that quality, price and support have reached carrier-grade levels. The growth in itself is small, compared to the explosive growth we should be expecting in the coming years. The availability and reach of the underlying technology is only set to increase during that time. However, I do believe the numbers quoted are consistent with other market research, which is pointing to a gradual shift in infrastructure investments towards NGN.”

He said: “Customer demand for IP based services, for convenience and price-point reasons is massive and the Carphone Warehouse speaks to the potential of IMS to create shake-up in the market. Furthermore, as the growth is from a small start point, a higher headline percentage is to be expected.”

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