Top 10 most embarrassing mobile blunders

Research by a UK mobile phone price comparison website has revealed the top ten most embarrassing mobile blunders; cringe-worthy ringtones, regrettable drunken texts and saucy pictures ending up in the wrong hands are all present in the list.

A new study by rightmobilephone of 1,207 people has revealed what mobile owners consider the top ten most embarrassing phone blunders. The results have shown that one in five people have a saucy image of themselves or a partner on their mobile and for over a quarter of those, 28%, a picture has ended up in the wrong hands.

Mistaken identity was also an issue for plenty of mobile phone owners, with 49% admitting to sending a text to someone that was actually meant for someone else. Altogether, 66% have accidently called someone whilst their mobile was in their pocket or bag and 19% of those happened to be gossiping about the contact.

While three in 10 have been on loudspeaker without realising and said something they regretted, whilst 85% say that their cringe-worthy ringtones have left them feeling a bit red in the face in public.

Over half of the people asked, 52%, had made an inappropriate drunken phone call which they later regretted, but an even high number of respondents, 58% said that their mobile phone had rang in the wrong place at the wrong time, such as during a job interview or funeral service.

The top ten most embarrassing mobile phone blunders are; Embarrassing ringtones in public places (85%); Phone ringing in inappropriate situations (58%); Regrettable drunken phone calls (52%); Mistaken identity by texting the wrong person (49%); leaving a voicemail on wrong answer phone (41%); Being on loudspeaker without realising (30%); Saucy pictures ending up in the wrong hands (28%); Mobile ringing when already pretending to be on the phone (22%); Text-jacking, friends sending inappropriate things from your phone (20%); Calling someone without realising and gossiping about them (19%).

Speaking about the top ten most embarrassing phone blunders, Neil McHugh, founder of, said: “Whilst mobile phones are brilliant gadgets, they have been known to get rather a lot of people into a spot of bother. I think we can learn a lot from these top ten mobile blunders including don’t operate your mobile whilst under the influence and keep it on silent, or even better off, during important meetings or events.

He continued: “I think most people who own a mobile phone have found themselves in an embarrassing situation, whether it’s from texting the wrong person or being on loudspeaker and saying something you shouldn’t. It’s good to be aware of how easy it is to make a mistake whilst using your mobile, so people should take note of this top ten and learn how to avoid the blunders!”

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