Top Ten Tips to Maximise Monthly Bills

Bills and statements – some businesses view these as just an essential part of a customer’s account. But these documents have to be sent on a regular basis and therefore provide the perfect opportunity to communicate key messages, cross sell and engage with customers.

The latest research by DSTi Output, the UK’s fastest growing essential mail specialist, has discovered that a lot of mailings in this category are ineffective with just three out of ten people reading the promotional leaflets which are included with their monthly statements. Other surveys show that the design of some documents can be confusing, leading to negative feelings from customers and also a delay in payment

As experts in this communications channel, DSTi Output has come up with the following top ten tips to help make mailings more effective by improving the level of customer engagement, reducing costs and the impact on the environment:

1. Use colour to highlight particular points – Use colour to highlight key areas of the mailing whether a helpline number, web address or key elements like credit or debit balance

2. Use your bills and statements as a marketing channel – Use your captive audience to cross sell or up sell additional products or services.

3. Use images where possible – Use a graph to contrast spending/energy consumption with previous month/quarter/year or to advertise a particular product or service

4. Provide a summary – Identify the important information and make sure the more detailed information is categorised logically

5. Go Green – Scrap the insert! You have a captive audience. Put all the information on the actual statement and your customers are more likely to read it.

6. Avoid clutter – Make sure the important information, such as due date and payment method, is immediately visible

7. Make the best use of space – Make sure the design of your bill gives enough space for the page to look uncluttered, but is clever enough to make the use of every inch

8. Get your branding right – The colour, font and tone of voice associated with your brand helps reinforce customer loyalty

9. Get personal – Make use of the individual customer’s name in the bill – it will improve response rates and your relationship

10. Get targeted – Take the opportunity to cross sell different products to a targeted audience

Tim Delahay, Chief Executive Officer at DSTi Output, comments; “These are some simple ideas that will help deliver cost savings and improve customer communications.

“Millions of pounds are wasted each year on inefficient and ineffective mailings. We are working closely with clients to eliminate this through the development of bespoke solutions that not only meet the needs of large businesses but also the needs of their customers.”

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