Toshiba BCD Introduces Unified Management Platform Across Strata Range

Toshiba has announced that eManager and My Phone Manager, its system and featurephone management tools, are now available across the entire Strata CTX and CIX range. This provides users with a single interface for the configuration and ongoing administration of their phone systems.

My Phone Manager gives end users the ability to customise their handset functions to suit their personal preference, including speed dials, call forwarding and do not disturb (DND). “In the past, the traditional combination of codes that needed to be punched into the physical handset could deter employees from using these valuable functions,” said Tim Webb, general manager, Toshiba BCD. “My Phone Manager allows features to be set via an easy-to-use web interface, which helps to encourage their use.”

The My Phone Manager options are designed to improve productivity, by ensuring that incoming calls are always directed to the correct device, or saving time searching for numbers. The company says that My Phone Manager also reduces the workload for IT personnel by removing the need to make basic changes to featurephones.

The system management tool, eManager, is designed to reduce the time and effort required to make changes in system configuration, allowing the customer to quickly and easily move, update or add extensions. eManager provides four, pre-configured access levels as standard, but security and change management is further strengthened by the ability to add unlimited granular levels as required. Toshiba say this provides greater flexibility in who can administer the system functions, whilst ensuring that only qualified staff can make changes to the communications infrastructure.

“Businesses and users want to feel in control of the systems and technology they use. By bringing eManager and My Phone Manager to the whole Strata range we are delivering administration capabilities direct to the end user,” continued Tim Webb. “These tools will help businesses make further improvements to their operational efficiency, provide additional intelligence to their business communications, and allow individual users to customise their featurephones for functions that matter to them.”

My Phone Manager and eManager are available for Strata CTX systems with the release of the latest software upgrade, R3.10.

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