Toshiba Enhances IP/ PBX Solution Through Partnership With HipCom

Toshiba Business Communications Division (BCD) has enhanced its IP/ PBX communications solution through integrating its solution with that of HIPCOM, an application service provider. Through the partnership, Toshiba says customers can now benefit from better network management of calls as well as the features of a PBX system.

Toshiba BCD chose to integrate with HIPCOM following a careful review process, ensuring the call quality is as high as possible and that its customers would receive the most resilient service possible. This will enable Toshiba BCD customers to replace traditional phone lines with SIP lines, whilst benefiting from an extremely resilient service as in the event of failure, calls can be automatically redirected to additional destinations.

Implementations using the enhanced solution which integrates Toshiba and HIPCOM’s technology provides enhanced flexibility, for example calls can be dual forked, enabling calls to route to a mobile at the same time as an office desk phone. Up to ten numbers can be assigned to a direct line and users can nominate the ringing pattern of their choice at any time simply by browsing into the web portal and making selections. This has many potential benefits for small businesses with limited resource, enabling increased productivity and mobility.

Daniel Fuller-Smith, Sales Manager, UK and EMEA, Toshiba BCD comments: “Many small businesses have been cautious of SIP trunks in the past because of concerns over disaster recovery and resiliency. This technology overcomes these concerns and offers businesses the flexibility to effectively manage their customer calls.”

“Through working closely together, HIPCOM and Toshiba can deliver high quality innovative solutions to SMEs,” explains James Brind, CTO, HIPCOM. “Our goal is to continue a strong interopability alliance to ensure that the network provides a high quality of experience, to the benefit of both our wholesale partners and their end user customers.”

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