Toshiba Extends Advantage Programme

Toshiba’s Business Communications Division has announced it is extending the length of its Advantage Programme until 30th September. The Advantage Programme is a feature of Toshiba’s recently re-launched Partner Programme, and is a sales incentive scheme which provides partners with a flexible way to redeem reward points.

“It is extremely important to reward our partners for their continued hard work and support of the Toshiba portfolio, particularly in today’s challenging business environment,” says Daniel Fuller-Smith, Sales Manager, Toshiba’s Business Communications Division. “By extending the Advantage Programme we are demonstrating our continued support for resellers and recognising their commitment to Toshiba and its product range.”

As part of the programme, resellers earn points for sales of Toshiba solutions and use these points to purchase anything from an online catalogue on the Toshiba Advantage website, which contains over 800 items including household objects, travel options such as hotels and flights, and gift vouchers. More senior members of the Partner Programme have a Toshiba Advantage MasterCard, which allows users to spend points wherever they see the MasterCard logo.

The Toshiba Advantage Programme was originally launched in 2007.

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