Toshiba Launches Contact Centre Solution

Toshiba Business Communications Division (BCD) has announced the addition of Taske DisplayCentral to their Taske Call Management suite of products saying the application is a highly-flexible, feature-rich application for presenting real-time contact centre performance information on LCD and plasma displays, projectors and computer monitors.

It provides a drag-and-drop tool for designing customised content layouts that display a range of critical information such as real-time status of agents, queues and queue groups, data feeds from a range of web-enabled business applications and external content including text messages, web pages, news and RSS feeds

“Up until now contact centres have had no option but to use inflexible standard content templates for their wall-board displays. This often hampers fast decision-making as managers and agents have to go elsewhere to find the critical information they need,” explains Tim Webb, general manager of Toshiba BCD. “The flexible design features of Taske DisplayCentral, however, allow contact centres to present the right data to the right person in real-time, saving time and effort, and improving responsiveness.”

Taske DisplayCentral is the latest addition to Taske Contact, part of Taske Technology’s call centre management solution suite which also includes Taske Reporter. As a new addition to Taske Contact, existing customers will be eligible to receive DisplayCentral as part of their ongoing maintenance agreement.

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