Toshiba Launches New IP Cards for SIP Trunking

Toshiba Business Communications Division (BCD) today announced the launch of new IP cards for the Strata CIX range, creating a more cost effective solution for businesses. The cards eliminate the need for an external gateway by enabling calls to be carried over the internet rather than the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), therefore reducing the initial investment required for a new telephone system.

The new cards enable direct SIP trunking across the entire Strata CIX range and, like the rest of the Strata CIX family, enable CIX40 to be configured as a pure IP switch. Unlike many other pure IP switches, it has the interface to link an analogue line out-of-the-box, ensuring that a user can always dial out regardless of SIP service provider or network quality. This, combined with the ability to link to two FXS devices (e.g. fax machines) out-of-the-box and a fully-functional voicemail solution with Auto Attendant, makes Strata CIX40 the perfect solution for the SME/SOHO market, and remote offices.

“More and more organisations are looking for ways they can reduce the initial investment, and overall operating costs of a new telephone system,” says Tim Webb, general manager at Toshiba BCD. “The ability to use SIP trunks to carry voice, without the need for an external gateway allows organisations to do just that.”

In addition to SIP trunking, the new IP cards feature increased tail-length echo cancellation (64ms on G.711 and G.729), and threshold alarm notification for Quality of Service (QoS). This helps to further ensure the quality of voice on Strata CIX platforms, and allows network managers to see when network traffic is impacting voice quality.

Toshiba has undertaken rigorous testing with Gamma Telecom to ensure maximum compatibility with Strata CIX and Gamma Telecom’s SIP trunks. Whilst Toshiba are now broadening the testing to incorporate a wider range of suppliers, Toshiba initially recommends Gamma Telecoms SIP trunks for use with Strata CIX communication platforms.

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