Toshiba Launches New IP Hot Desking Functionality

Toshiba Business Communications Division (BCD) has announced new IP Hot Desking functionality on their Strata CIX range of communication platform.

The functionality allows organisations to position IP featurephones at hot desks, where mobile staff such as sales people can log-in and have all their features and functions immediately transfer onto that handset. This means that mobile staff instantly have access to their personal speed dials, feature buttons, ACD log-in buttons etc. allowing them to be as efficient as possible as soon as they walk in the door.

Tim Webb, general manager at Toshiba BCD, states: “With mobility becoming more and more important to organisations of all sizes, the ability for mobile staff to quickly and easily log into the corporate infrastructure is imperative. Toshiba’s IP solutions allow employees to have all the features and functions they need to do their job as soon as they log in.”

The hot desking functionality also allows the handset to be registered on two separate Strata CIX systems. This allows the handset to log on to an alternative site should the network fail, ensuring business continuity.

Toshiba’s hot desking functionality allows employers to be more flexible with their staff to increase morale and productivity, and reduce employee’s carbon footprint. In addition, businesses can reduce business overheads through deployment of less extensions and workstations in the office, reducing the amount of office space required.

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