Total Mobility on Hosted IP

Distributor NeoWave say they have an impressive package when it comes to hosted IP. A flexible yet friendly system to work with; a hosted IP environment combined with Mobility Extension presents a powerful offer within the market.

Mobility Extension allows businesses to use their existing cellular phones as integral extensions on their communications infrastructure. The units can be located on a LAN as a static IP address, meaning that there is no requirement for any telephone system hardware on a customers’ site to integrate with. Hosted IP total voice mobility is now a reality and couldn’t be easier to implement. Mobility Extension doesn’t require any new networks to be installed as you can use the GSM networks that are already there and it doesn’t require any fancy handsets, just your standard run of the mill mobile phone, which is always good news when it comes to keeping your costs down.

Unlike alternative hosted IP Mobility solutions within the market, the range of network available when using your mobile is not restricted to the range of your business WiFi transceivers, enabling the use of company mobiles as extensions off the Hosted IP platform to be anywhere that you can use a mobile.

As Dave Falberg, channel manager in the South points out ‘This can drastically improve on the efficiency, availability and a customers’ perception of a business especially if the business user has multi-sites and requires it’s employees to work flexibly from each site or on the road, they can do this and always keep the same extension number.’

Our VoIP FCTs allow landline to mobile calls to be routed over the GSM network direct from the LAN. This reduces customer’s landline to mobile costs by up to 40% and, again, means that no onsite PBX is required.

Combining 2N Mobility Extension and 2N FCT technologies provides the freedom of being able to move unrestricted while being contactable on one number, not to mention cost saving, feature which enables registered mobile users to hold and transfer calls on their mobile as if they where at their desk, anywhere with a GSM signal (98% population coverage from most network providers)

Calls passed to and from the Hosted system and registered mobility extension users through Mobility Extension are free of charge when using additional sharer sims from existing business mobile plans in the mobility extension unit. Registered users can therefore dial back to their office free of charge and then out over the landlines as if they are using a telephone system handset, which can drastically reduce calling charges from mobiles.

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