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Totem brings Business Health Check to the Channel with Comms Business

Totem and MA Business has signed a landmark deal to ensure readers of Comms Business and Technology Business Today have access to a revolutionary new business analysis tool. Totem has created an online Business Health Check which allows channel businesses to identify weaknesses in their operations via a simple survey.

In a market which is constantly evolving some traditional businesses often find it hard to transition, or perhaps some have grown rapidly leaving unidentified gaps in the organisation. The Business Health Check is designed to identify where these gaps are and even suggest steps to filling them.

Derek Owen, CEO of Totem Consulting Group, signed a partnership agreement with Jon Benson, COO of Mark Allen Business at the 2019 Channel Live event in Birmingham last week.

The health check takes 10 mins to complete and provides an easy to read snapshot of where “your” business is in terms of the 6 key business principles that businesses are bench-marked against.

Derek Owen commented, “This is something every business should be doing, regardless whether it is going well or not. The survey will offer insight into the business which is difficult to achieve when you are running the ship day to day. If you have a board of directors I would recommend getting as many of them to fill it in as possible to really give you some data about how your leadership team perceives the business and compare that with other responses. I can’t emphasise enough how many businesses will find this useful.”

It’s free and easy to complete and can be found here: – it’s also great for business teams to complete to gain different perspectives of how “your” team feel the company is performing.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine