Touchscreen table to boost sales in high street dealers by end 2009

Mobile dealers will be able to take advantage of consistent cross and up selling experiences for consumers with new interactive tables set to hit the British high street by the end of 2009. Microsoft’s touch tables, called Surface, are currently being trialled in all the major operators research and development labs, according to Michael Weening, head of the communications sector in the UK for Microsoft.

Dealers currently battle to make sales using staff training and brochure advertising models, yet these two factors are hit and miss in terms of quality of service for the visitor to the store, and can lead to a waste of resources and lost sales, claimed Weening, talking to Mobile Business at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Weening said the Surface tables can eliminate this variability, while providing sales assistants and end users with complete, easy to use information on every handset, including cross and up sell opportunities.

Based on Windows Vista, the tables are controlled centrally via a normal PC network. This means updates immediately cover all stores across the network, eliminating the need for information roll out and staff training on new deals, services or devices. The tables contain cameras so when handsets are placed on the surface, information is pulled up on the devices and the customer can interact with the information and demonstrations.

Commenting, Weening said: “We think this is completely channel changing, and let’s be clear, there haven’t been any game changing innovations in the channel for the last decade. The opportunity here is not for the flagship stores but the small shop in Staines run by two guys and a student; that’s the opportunity and we think it’s huge.”

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