Trademob’s app marketing test impresses M-Days visitors

Trademob’s app marketing test has proved a hit with visitors at this year’s M-Days in Frankfurt. The test individually evaluates the visitor’s app marketing and suggests how mobile advertising can be further improved. The results paint a shocking picture of the current mobile market by revealing that on average, most companies are only marketing apps at 41 percent of their potential. This indicates that there is considerable development promise in mobile marketing. The test results also clarify that many advertisers continue to squander advertising budgets.

After completing the Trademob test, Christian Haase, Mobile Marketing Manager of HRS, explained, “I was interested in where our app marketing stands compared to others.” He adds, “I also like the evaluation and that the test gives suggestions on how and in which areas we can improve our app marketing. ”

The most common error leading to inefficient mobile marketing, made by 81 of the 92 test participants: Most campaigns are still being optimized according to downloads and clicks and not to post-download activities. However, it is these post-download conversions such as registrations and in-app purchases that promise app activity and turnover. Only in this way, can advertising campaigns ever be profitable.

The next mistake was that nearly 82 percent of the test participants rely on far too few varying ad networks. The reasons for this are obvious: the network market is fragmented and the installation of Software Development Kits (SDKs) is time consuming. In return, this means that advertisers are throwing away substantial coverage potential and missing specific traffic in niche networks.

“Our test findings demonstrate, that many advertisers are still squandering advertising budgets,” says Ravi Kamran, founder and CEO of Trademob. Kamran emphasises: “As mobile display marketing experts, we didn’t only want to point out mobile display marketing flaws, but to illuminate the full spectrum of app marketing. Our goal is to shed light on the inscrutable mobile advertising market. We achieve this with our technology, which is accompanied with services such as this test. Its popularity at M-Days confirms our belief that there is a great desire for more orientation and professionalism in app marketing.”

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