Travel Time is Dead Time

Lisa Dolphin, Marketing Specialist at Mitel says that in the current economic climate, companies continue to cut back on business travel and a day out of the office to attend a meeting is very much considered as dead time by employers.

“However, by implementing conferencing solutions companies can achieve significant cost savings and improve productivity whilst increasing revenues. As a result desk based audio and web conferencing solutions represent a huge opportunity for resellers in these challenging times.

Conferencing solutions have been around for a long time but it is only recently that they have become affordable and easy to use, and this has opened up the market for resellers. The variety of conferencing applications available today increases opportunities for resellers enabling them to offer different propositions to suit different customer needs. Users can chose from an array of conferencing options such as Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing, to an all in one desktop communications solution, such as the Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced (UCA). For customers that require high definition video conferencing in the boardroom, Mitel’s Telecollaboration solution is a perfect fit.

The all in one modular desktop communication solution, UCA creates an ideal opportunity for resellers to open up a sale starting with one application, whether it be conferencing or mobility, and then to up sell other applications when the customer requires them. Therefore the reseller increases their bottom line by selling an all in one solution that is more than just conferencing without having to spend a lot of time and money deploying it.

Jonathan Sharp, sales and marketing director, Britannic, says, “The beauty of conferencing technology is that you can go back and up-sell and add on applications like presence, application sharing, web and video collaboration. The fact that this technology is so easy to deploy and maintain makes it a fantastic revenue generator.”

UCA is an intuitive and easy to use solution for both the resellers and end users and comprises the best in desktop audio and web conference experiences whether it’s on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis. With UCA users can quickly bring others together to share and collaborate documents and presentations and much more not matter where they are.

Mitel’s software-based conferencing solutions allow businesses to leverage investment in industry standard servers and enable data centres to minimise implementation costs and save money.

As testament to the money saving potential of desktop conferencing solutions many Mitel customers are already achieving a high return on investment in just a few months. They have achieved this by moving from an external hosted service to an in-house conference bridge, avoiding the high fees associated with hosting suppliers. Mitel conferencing solutions have no per user minute costs for web conferencing and you don’t pay for internal users that are accessing an audio conferencing bridge.”

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