Treating SLAs as an afterthought is placing businesses at risk

Centrex Services is warning that organisations which take a careless approach to meeting SLAs are placing themselves at great risk.

This comes as a study reveals that just 42 per cent of service organisations have consistent SLA processes in place and barely a third standardise their return commitments[1]. The research also shows the importance organisations place on returns, refurbishment and repair has leapt 55 per cent in a year, with 90 per cent stating that the efficient management of this operation is critical to the long-term financial performance of the business.

Mike Heslop, owner of Centrex Services, says, “For too long businesses have been content with their failing SLAs, but the results from this study should prove be a wake up call. Organisations have to act now to change the perception of their SLAs, or risk commercial underperformance and the real threat of losing customers.

“To improve SLA perception, organisations must strive to create a consistent link throughout the entire service supply chain; from logistics, field service and field repair to all other service operations. By introducing a level of predictability and stability, companies can manage the volatile nature of demand. It can also enhance service efficiency and provide a differentiated experience, which is crucial to meeting increasing customer expectations from SLAs.

“By harmonising the service operation businesses can change the perception of their SLAs and reap the financial and reputational benefits that an enhanced customer experience can bring. The joke will then be on those organisations that continue to place less value on SLA fulfilment, as the industry begins to pass them by.”

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