Trojan Launch Handset with DECT Headset Connectivity.

Trojan Telecom have launched their new NRX EVO 500 EH telephone which has a built in electronic hook switch which enables DECT headset products from Plantronics, GN Netcom and Sennheiser to be connected to the phone. This enables the DECT headset to have complete control over a call without the need for a handset lifter.

Sales Director Robin Horsham said, “Once again we have been looking to what the market has asked for and in this case demanded, and we believe that this for the analogue telephone is an Industry first, defiantly within Europe and possibly the World that will accommodate Cordless Headsets manufactured by GN Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser products.

While we are aware that this connectivity can be achieved by using some proprietary digital handsets that are on the large PABXs manufactured and sold worldwide. That can be a costly solution and can be, in many cases, too expensive for a company to implement for all their staff. What we offer is a product that gives full functionality, total freedom from the archaic and cumbersome headset lifters (that from what we understand the industry will be glad to see the back of) at a fraction of the cost.

We see a massive opportunity for the resellers and Distributors to gain business from their customers where cordless headsets have been already sold and they are fed up with the headset lifters or for the new customer base where a headset lifter is an incumbent to what they are trying to achieve.

The headset lifters are not as quick or as accurate as the electronic version we have in our 500EH this will eradicate the many calls lost due to the user clicking the headset button twice as the lifters take time to operate and the user thinking it has not functioned properly.

This is a really exciting time for us as we have the backing from all of our distributors as well as the testing, approval and compatibility of Plantronics and GN Jabra and Sennheiser Cordless and corded products.

The simplicity of this product is fantastic and wherever samples have been sent for testing and approval, we just can’t get them back. The leads required to work with any cordless headset are included in the box, so this phone is a true plug and play solution. No programming or tweaking with the headset or the telephone, just use the right lead, plug it in and you’re up and running. As to the cost, it is no more from what we understand, than the cost of a handset lifter. With what this telephone now offers and represents is real value for money. Still back by our unique 12 warranty.”

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