Trojan Slips in as Alcatel Telephone Partner

Alcatel-Lucent has welcomed on board as a third party synergy partner Trojan Telecoms NRX EVO range of telephones for their telephone PABX systems.

Trevor Evans, Marketing Manager for the Enterprise Solutions division, said that after extensive in-house testing by our own engineers we are more than pleased to recommend the EVO range of telephones for use with our own products. And welcome Trojan telecom as an approved synergy partner.

Sales Director for Trojan, Robin Horsham. Said. We are so pleased to have given this accreditation from Alcatel-Lucent and recognize is importance to us showing the industry that we have a new highly featured, high quality, price competitive new range of telephones gaining very quick recognition from major players. We are actively seeking to expand (by letting our products speak for themselves) further approvals and accreditations with other major synergy partners throughout the Industry.

Being one of the few companies left that actually designs and manufactures our own telephone products, this gives us enormous flexibility in what we can offer our customers and the Industry as a whole, we have lead with many firsts in added value features in the past and continue to do so with this new range. As any telephone systems reliability can so often measured by the quality of the handset attached to it, we confidently offer a 12 year warranty on our range as we know that we will match and live up to the quality our synergy partners require with third party approvals.

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