Truphone Link up with Bristol Telecom

Truphone has announced a new strategic partnership with Bristol Telecom Solutions Ltd. Truphone’s global mobile service gives businesses an international presence, reduces roaming costs and improves their ability to conduct business abroad.

Bristol Telecom Solutions provides clients with a range of services, including: VoIP, fixed line, internet and phone systems. In recent years, mid and large sized businesses have been increasingly interested in international mobile solutions. Working with Truphone will allow Bristol Telecom Solutions to ensure its clients have the global mobile service they need to conduct business internationally.

Truphone provides people with multiple international mobile numbers on a patented single SIM card, so international contacts can always reach them by making high quality calls at a local rate to a local number. This applies across the Truphone Zone, which includes the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Spain.

Truphone’s approach also helps people talk, email, and download “in bundle” and just as they do at home, within a group of 66 countries called Truphone World. Truphone World supports mobile users in key business areas including Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

Manuel Pearce, managing Director of Bristol Telecom Solutions says “Truphone completes the international piece of the puzzle for us when it comes to offering a complete telecoms solution to our clients. The network goes further than our previous offering by providing a unique international mobile service without the ‘bill shock’ that is a problem for so many international organisations. Truphone certainly has the edge in the international business mobile market”.

Andrew Lowe, UK Sales Director at Truphone said: “The addition of Truphone into Bristol Telecom Solutions’ product suite signals the appetite from the market for a global mobile service that can support international operations as the economy bounces back. We are also aligned in offering best in class customer service to clients as well as unparalleled mobile service. This strategic partnership is a positive move for both companies that will ensure clients are able to tap into the best telecoms packages on the market.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine