Trust Distribution Bags Tadiran UK Distributorship

Manchester base distributor Trust has secured a UK distribution deal with Tadiran,

Trust says that with a £3 billion turnover across 41 countries, Tadiran’s client base is vast and impressive. Coca Cola and the Pentagon benefit from its advanced systems, China Telecom is a major partner and the entire communications infrastructure of next year’s Beijing Olympics will carry the Tadiran trademark.

So why Trust? Tadiran MD Rob Warner comments, “We believe they fit the distributor model we want. They are customer focused and deliver all that they say they will, to their customers. They share the same values of loyalty to the channel that Tadiran do and we believe that this is a perfect partnership in the making,”

Trust joint MD Vincent Leahy is delighted with the Coral IPX Office offering, “The Tadiran Coral IPX Office ticks all the boxes. Whether it’s a 10 or 300 extension install, the same engineering skills are needed – so a dealer can get trained up once to deal with any potential install. Secondly, as an all in one solution with analogue, digital and IP capability, you can roll out the same system to a wide range of customers in a variety of guises. Thirdly, Coral IPX offers dealers a smooth pathway to IP solutions, at their own pace. Finally, Tadiran’s permanent support means you can sell to your customer with the assurance that they won’t be left high and dry in the future.”

Rob Warner is also quick to point out the recently released SIP Coral Sea Softswitch, which includes IP phones and ‘Navigator’, a desktop productivity tool that supports hosted services – an ideal migration path from voice to data.

Tadiran and Trust plan to work with a sensibly sized network of dealers to achieve full UK coverage, avoiding the inevitable pitfalls that occur through over exposure. As Vincent Leahy points out, “A good dealership will take the Tadiran offering and grow it fast, it’s that good! It’s quality of dealership, not quantity that we are looking for.”

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