Trust Group UK Deploys Viatel MAXStream

Trust Group UK, a new and used Volkswagen dealership with showrooms based in Stourbridge, Redditch and Wolverhampton, has deployed Viatel’s MAXStream broadband service to increase flexibility and future scalability.

Prior to this, Trust Group UK had 1Mb leased lines at Redditch and Wolverhampton, and an ADSL datastream into the Trust network cloud at Stourbridge. Trust Group UK required a competitively priced solution that could match existing performance at Redditch and Wolverhampton but could also provide increased speed at Stourbridge. In addition the company has aspirations to grow the group and as a result, Trust Group UK required a solution that was significantly more flexible than its existing set up.

As Trust Group UK is currently using BTT Network Solutions for all its line rental and broadband services, it requested the company analyse and quote a new solution. Working with BTT Network Solutions and Viatel, Trust Group UK chose Viatel’s MAXStream service. This provided more flexibility and future scalability because it was built on a unique technology combining a datastream path (uncontended virtual pipe) from the customer end into the Viatel HQ in Egham (giving future access to Annex M).

Nigel White, finance director at Trust Group UK said “The new Viatel network and the service level we receive from BTT Network Solutions is much improved compared to the previous system. Trust Group UK staff at all three sites reach across the private network and extract information all day, every day so it is crucial that the system is tailored for our needs. We now enjoy significantly greater peace of mind due to the high quality of customer service we receive and the fact that this area is both BTT’s and Viatel’s core excellence.”

The Viatel MAXStream product has three options, with Trust Group UK opting for a 1Mb downstream and 832kbps upstream guaranteed bandwidth product, which was installed at all three sites with 200kbps of data prioritisation to give certain applications over their WAN priority over all other data traffic (such as general email and internet traffic). One week before the previous deal was due to expire, the BTT Network Solutions team, with another company, Dealer Systems (which looks after the Trust Group IT Network), tested the new solution and switched over from the old network. The new network was up and running within an hour with a downtime of only 10 minutes. As the solution worked satisfactorily over the one hour testing period, Trust Group UK, made the decision to continue using the new network instead of switching over at the end of the month as was originally planned.

Once the Viatel system was implemented, the initial goals of the deployment were quickly realised. Expenditure was reduced immediately with cost savings of 60 percent. Performance targets were also met with the same download speed access at Redditch and Wolverhampton, and a faster upload connection at Stourbridge (up from 256Kbps to 832Kbps). The upload speeds at Redditch and Wolverhampton were slightly reduced from 1Mbps to 832Kbps, but was more than sufficient bandwidth as the company was only periodically using 500Kbps upload. The staff at Stourbridge have also noticed and commented on a marked improvement of service since changing over the networks to BTT Network Solutions and Viatel.

White continued “The level of connectivity provided really does make a difference to the everyday tasks we face. For example, technicians running diagnostic equipment in our workshop can utilise a direct link to the manufacturer to resolve issues both quicker and more efficiently. The system allows every car that undergoes a diagnostic check to be linked to systems based at the manufacturers in Milton Keynes. Data that is taken can be run against previous information taken from cars of similar descriptions, with similar problems in order to recommend the best possible solution.”

Shiv Kumar Passap, head of data sales at BTT Network Solutions, explained “Trust Group UK was obviously paying a lot of money to its previous provider but when we looked at the network usage both Wolverhampton and Redditch were not actually using anywhere near the upload bandwidth required, while the Stourbridge site was maxing out it’s resource due to insufficient upload bandwidth. The Viatel MAXStream product fitted perfectly with the company’s requirements – it has enough bandwidth to accommodate the data being carried and, as it is ADSL technology at its heart, it provides a lot of room to manoeuvre around. For example, if different products are being considered or if an upgrade is required, it can be done quicker, easier and at a lower cost compared with a leased line. This product is completely tailored for Trust Group UK’s needs and as such already had an advantage over the previous solution.”

Michael Davies, head of product management at Viatel said “While we were obviously delighted that our solution provided a 60 percent cost reduction, the real advantages stem from the fact that Trust Group UK now receives a service which fulfils its requirements. Previously, the Stourbridge site would only receive a 256k upload whereas with the new system it enjoys 832k. Monitoring since the deployment has shown Stourbridge uploads topping out at around 500k – something which would not have been possible using the previous system.”

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