Trust Raise the Headset Margin Stakes

The search for dealer friendly products has gone to Trust Distribution’s head, with its appointment as UK distributor for Addcom headsets. A best selling performer in the Australian office and call centre sectors, Trust is delighted to bring this big margin opportunity to UK dealers.

Terry Ambrose, Joint Trust MD, has spent 25 years sourcing and selecting products for distribution. He’s convinced that Addcom cover all bases. “High performance, strength and subtle styling all make Addcom a match for established UK brands. And the price is the clincher. Trade prices for the range are much lower than normal, incredibly aggressive without compromising on quality. If I were a dealer, I wouldn’t discount, I’d continue to maintain typical market prices and enjoy the extra margin!”

Addcoms main man in the UK is James Clarke, and he’s delighted with the appointment. “We see Trust as an ideal partner to take Addcom to the dealer community. From the top downwards Trust exudes competence in the channel including decades of experience in headsets – so we’re delighted that they recognize Addcom as a significant dealer opportunity. With trade prices as much as 40% less than competing products, the built in margin makes Addcom headsets anything but ‘peripheral’ items in terms of earning potential!’

Addcom’s best selling Quantum Pro range incorporates monaural and binaural voice tube and noise cancelling headsets, while the premium features of the Performance Plus range include flexible microphone boom and extra tough construction – ready for the rigours of intensive call centre demands.

Ambrose sums up, “We know dealers will love these headsets. Margins are superb, and Addcom’s advanced product developments have earned them a well deserved quality reputation. Dealers will also love the new connection lead that bypasses a whole mass of compatibility issues. And because Trust is 100% dealer focussed you know your pricing is better protected.”

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