Trustmarque partners with Sophos

Infrastructure and software solutions Value Added Reseller, Trustmarque, today announced an agreement with IT security and data protection company, Sophos, to provide a managed service to protect mobile devices. Using mobile data management (MDM) technology developed by DIALOGS, which was recently acquired by Sophos, the ‘Nimbus Mobile Device Management (MDM)’ solution offers over-the-air control for mobile business devices to ensure the enforcement of data protection, policy compliance and application management, allowing businesses to fully secure and remotely monitor mobile devices on their networks.

Robert Newburn, Head of Information Security & Managed Services at Trustmarque commented: “Laptops used to be the thorn in a security professional’s side, but more and more, it is devices such as smartphones that are posing the problem. They are easily lost, damaged or stolen; they hold as much information as your company laptop, but they are rarely as well protected. By delivering Sophos security through the cloud, we can offer a responsive and flexible managed service whereby users can take control of their mobile devices by simply logging on to a web browser.”

The Sophos solution, Sophos Mobile Control, provides protection for all popular business devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android, BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile. It enables access to a central role-based web console, which is simple to use and can remotely locate, lock and wipe devices within seconds to prevent data loss and security breaches. The tool can also be used to enforce security policies. For example, it can activate security features, such as a device password lock, preventing users from having the option of turning them off. Or it can control what applications users can or should have installed on their device. An at-a-glance mobile inventory shows all registered devices, including their settings and configurations, and flags non-compliant devices.

The Nimbus MDM team will work with customers to help define security policy around mobile devices, and use the Sophos technology to enforce these procedures through remote monitoring and policy setting. The solution also supports multi-tenancy, allowing management over multiple independent sites, from a single Mobile Control dashboard.

Trustmarque anticipate high demand for the solution: “Whether you have 10 or10,000 devices, they need to be properly protected,” Newburn continues. “With the growing ‘Bring Your Own Device’ culture, and the increased functionality of these devices, this is a real and pressing security issue that customers should be taking steps to address. It is rare these days that I have a conversation with a customer and they don’t want to talk about MDM.

This new service will provide businesses with the ability to offer employees the latest technology, which they use every day in both a work and personal capacity, while still ensuring data remains safe. As a well-known and respected vendor, Sophos provides the advanced technology, which underpins this service.”

Neil Furby, Cloud Services Business Development Manager for Sophos commented, “We have a long-standing relationship with Trustmarque, and their expertise in the security space made them the obvious partner to work with on an MDM managed service. Mobile device management is a huge issue for customers and with Trustmarque’s strong cloud heritage and technical capability, our companies will provide customers with robust and flexible protection for mobile devices.”

Trustmarque was awarded supplier status in the government’s new public sector procurement Cloudstore in February 2012; and offers six specialist cloud services that are available from Trustmarque via the Cloudstore.

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