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TTB Enters Trial for Channel

TalkTalk Business has announced that it is entering a trial for through its Wholesale and Partner customers. This follows the recent announcement that TalkTalk Business are extending the build out of their own FTTP, 1Gb full fibre network, beyond York and signals the intent to embrace the move to Ultrafast connectivity.

G.Fast is a complementary technology to FTTP and can boost internet speeds over the existing copper infrastructure (up to 330MB). will be available during a trial rollout from April 2018, with launch expected in line with an Openreach launch in the summer.

Inclusive as part of the broadband portfolio, is available alongside ADSL and FTTC via the Partners API or portal for ease of provisioning, upgrades and in-life management.

To further support the Partners, TalkTalk Business will launch an unlimited usage proposition, in line with its FTTC offering, meaning they will pay a fixed monthly cost regardless of the anticipated significant increase in usage. This is a risk free cost proposition which is welcome news for the Partner community where spiraling bandwidth usage costs could otherwise be prohibitive.

Pete Tomlinson, Commercial Director at TalkTalk Business, commented: “As businesses and consumers, we have developed an insatiable appetite for bandwidth and TalkTalk continues to lead the way in meeting this need, embracing new technologies to make them simple and affordable. As we continue to champion the drive towards a full fibre future, which for many is still too far away, G.Fast can play an important role in helping customers enjoy the speeds they deserve.“

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine