TTPCom Four Form New Communications Licensing Venture

The four founders of TTPCom today announced that they have joined with Professor Rick Hillum to form Camitri, a new venture that will market intellectual property from world leading universities and research institutes to the communications industry.

Camitri is backed by Imprimatur Capital, an international principal investment business focussed on early stage IP.

Gordon Aspin, Mark Collins, Richard Fry and Tony Milbourn were the executive team that started TTPCom in 1987. Rick Hillum brings to the venture a rich portfolio of communications IP that he has already built up within ICIPR, his existing company which is merged into the new venture. Tony Milbourn has been appointed CEO.

Tony Milbourn said “Universities are renowned for their creativity and have been the prime movers for many of the world’s most innovative start-ups.

However, there is a wealth of innovation that is most effectively exploited by licensing to existing companies rather than creating new ones. This is the market that Camitri will address.”

Maria Khorsand, the Non-Executive Chairman of Camitri, commented, “I believe we have an exceptional team here that has the right contacts and knowledge of both the commercial and the academic world to take our business model to a new level. We have the insight to recognise marketable technology, the commercial and technical understanding to package that technology in a useable form, and the experience to know where the value of that technology can be fully recognised.”

The company has already established formal relationships with leading global institutions specialising in communications technology research. Professor Rick Hillum, the director responsible for managing these relationships comments, “Much of the innovation that occurs in universities around the world is capable of changing the industry. Camitri, by building bridges between the academic and the commercial world, can play a major role in getting the true value of that innovation recognised, generating valuable new funding streams for universities and differentiated products for our industry partners.”

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