TuVox Unveils New VoIP Speech Application Hosting Solution

Speech applications company TuVox has announced the availability of hosted TuVox On Demand applications with VoIP access. By utilising TuVox conversational speech applications, like TuVox Perfect Router, TuVox Knowledge Voice and the suite of TuVox self-service voice applications, combined with the Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) from Genesys Telecommunications Labs, organisations can provide more efficient speech-based routing and a consistent caller experience.

The combined solution is delivered as a hosted application, leveraging IP that offers intelligent skills-based routing and voice features to the contact centre.

“Integrating the Genesys IP voice platform into our On Demand solution is a significant enhancement of our hosting infrastructure. It enables higher service reliability while helping customers lower transport costs,” said Steve Pollock, Executive Vice President, TuVox. “By supporting easier methods to attach data to phone calls, through the IVR functionality, we’re able to transform the caller experience while keeping the solution very affordable for customers.”

“TuVox has found success in delivering hosted solutions to lots of customers. It only makes sense to provide mature IP functionality that offers numerous business benefits that can positively impact contact centre performance,” said Karl Holzthum, Senior Vice President, worldwide channels and alliances at Genesys.

TuVox’s speech application, combined with skills-based routing and data transfer from Genesys, provides agents with detailed customer interaction information when calls are transferred to an agent. This leads to improved efficiency of customer service agents.

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