Two Heads Better Than One

‘Two heads are better than one’ was the meaning behind Fone Logistics’ latest recruitment move as it takes on a new sales director, splitting the former sales and marketing director’s role in two.

As part of Fone Logistics’ latest restructure, sales and marketing director Julien Parven will move into a pure marketing role in a bid to bring the business closer to its network partners and propositions and be more focused on marketing, incentives, employee and dealer communications.

In order to streamline roles and responsibilities, from this month (January), Julien will be Fone Logistics’ marketing director, whilst newly-appointed Duncan Edward will head up the sales team and take on the role of sales director.

Duncan joins Fone Logsitics from previous employer Canon UK where he headed up the London-based Canon Business Centre handling an £8m sales budget and managing more than 30 staff.

Other former roles include regional director at Vodafone plc, sales operations manager at Convergent Communications plc, international sales manager at Hagenuk Telecom and national account manager for Sony.

Fone Logistics managing director Ian Gillespie said: “We have split the sales and marketing role to give more attention to both areas as the business grows.

“Julien has always held a huge amount of responsibility in both the sales department and the marketing. As the business continued to grow, this was almost unmanageable and that is what prompted us to recruit another director. The appointment of Duncan should allow Julien to be more focused and creative and will free him up to spend more time on his core marketing role.

“Duncan brings with him a vast range of experience from blue chip sales and management to international business development. He has a proven track record of forging customer-led strategy, maximising resource and driving revenue and we are thrilled to have someone of his calibre on board.”

As well as managing the sales team, the core activities of Duncan’s role will be sales performance, sales structure, customer relations and team development.

Meanwhile, Julien will focus on network liaisons and propositions, new product and service lines, the pricebook, promotions and incentives, as well as brand communications and internal marketing.

Duncan will kick off his new role by launching his strategic plan for the sales teams plus an annual sales incentive to all sales staff in January.

Fone Logistics’ new sales director Duncan Edward said: “I’m pleased to be joining Fone Logistics at a time when the company is on an upward curve and the mobile phone industry is going through some exciting changes with convergence and the merging arenas in fixed line and mobile telecoms.

“I am looking forward to getting back into the aggressive mobile phone industry and building, motivating and managing the sales and sales delivery.

“I aim to build a robust sales structure, help the business grow and maintain, nurture and build the dealer and network base.

“I see myself having a long term relationship with Fone Logistics and I’m sure the partnership and synergy of working alongside Julien will be successful.”

Marketing director Julien Parven said: “Now that the business has gone through some major changes, I really want to put my efforts back into the marketing and commercial communications.

“Our employees have been very loyal and hardworking, so I now intend to manage regular staff internal communication to share overall business objectives and results with the team. I will help them see where the business is going and what we all want to be known and recognised for, which is exceptional service and product knowledge.

“The networks will also benefit further from me being able to dedicate myself more to increasing connections and delivering longer-term value to channel partners.”

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