Two new headphone colour ranges launched by Sennheiser

Headphone specialist Sennheiser has launched two new, fresh and funky headphone ranges – the CX 215 and MX 365 – in a series of colours comprising of: red, white, orange, bronze, green, blue and brown. These new colour ranges were inspired by colours from nature, the latest fashion trends and graphic design to evoke emotion.

Sennheiser has made the move into the fashion world to provide an exciting new range of headphones that combine two of the most important features that consumers consider when purchasing headphones – supreme sound quality and stylish, colourful looks. Both earphone models guarantee a dynamic, bass-driven sound experience whilst looking great. The range adds another category to the Sennheiser headphone family that already has the largest portfolio of products on the market.

“The five colour versions of the CX 215 ear-canal phones take full advantage of the latest colour trends”, explains Linda Irvin, product manager at Sennheiser UK. To find the optimum colour shade, Sennheiser took inspiration from the fashion industry and the latest colour trend forecasts for 2011.

The colour trends for 2011 include what are known as microscopic colours. These are colour shades and combinations found in the plant and animal kingdom. “The colours for this range have been formulated by experimenting with the unusual, daring colours and shades that plants and animals provide,” Irvin continued. Whether in red, orange, bronze, green or blue – the CX 215 ear-canal phones let you listen to your favourite music wherever you go while showing off their attractive design. With a powerful bass they guarantee a full-bodied stereo sound, with ear adapters in three different sizes ensuring optimum reduction of background noise and an easy comfortable fit.

The vivid colours of the new MX 365s are bold and on-trend with a superb sound performance meaning that the six new models are meant to be heard and seen. Available in white, orange, brown, bronze, dark blue and red, the earphones have a real eye-catching, classic design. The MX 365s are a set of powerful earphones offering an easy upgrade solution to the MP3 supplier models, with detailed sound for the optimum music experience when on the move.

The CX 215s and MX 365s will be available in the UK from now.

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