Two Thirds of Brits Admit to ‘Faux-ning’ in Public

A survey of adult mobile phone users by the UK’s leading discount website has revealed that the majority of UK adults have pretended to use their phone in public at some point in the past, with over half of these having intended to escape an awkward social situation and many attempting to play up to a professional image.

When confronted with an awkward social situation in public, it would appear that many people turn to their mobile phones for assistance, as over half of Brits have admitted that they have faked a phone call to escape, a new study by the UK’s leading discount website has revealed.

1,104 adult mobile phone users from the UK took part in the poll by after the site decided to delve further into Britons’ usage of mobile phones. Respondents were asked questions about how they used their phone, if at all, to their advantage.

When asked, ‘Have you ever been guilty of ‘faux-ning’, which is appearing to make a phone call when you actually were not?’ 66% of those taking part said that they had previously; with a quarter, 24%, of these claiming to do so ‘regularly’. These respondents were asked why they had done so, selecting more than one answer if applicable, to which 52% said they had ‘intended to escape an awkward social situation’. 41% said they had attempted to ‘play up to a professional image’ in front of work colleagues or people they knew.

24% of people admitted to having previously faux-phoned to ‘feel safe in public’, whilst 9% had done so to ‘appear popular’.

However, of the 66% of people who pleaded guilty to ‘faux-ning’ in the past, under half, 48%, said their act was successful at the time, or the last time they did it if they had done so more than once. also revealed that 27% of Brits had pretended to compose or reply to a text if it meant avoiding uncomfortable situations.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, had the following to say “I genuinely can’t believe that so many people will use a phone to shield themselves from awkward situations like that, although can see how it would come in handy! This survey reveals that technology is so much more than connectivity these days; it’s an extension of who we are and changes our public behaviour. Ten years ago people would have just gritted their teeth and coped with the situation!”

He continued “It makes you think twice about people constantly on their phone when out and about. You usually associate them with being confident and easy-going but this survey suggests that a facade behind a computer screen is expanding into a real life facade too!”

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