UC-Reseller and Vodia Networks join forces

UC-Reseller and Vodia Networks have announced a strategic partnership that establishes UC-Reseller as an officially approved SIP Trunking Provider listed within the Vodia PBX.

Resellers and MSPs in the UK can now use UC-Reseller’s certified SIP trunking services for voice calls as an integrated and compliant solution.

“We are very pleased to have successfully passed Vodia Networks interop test for certified SIP Trunking for the Vodia PBX,” commented Stuart Rudd, channel director at UC-Reseller. “UC-Reseller provides a self-service provisioning platform for SIP trunking, including number purchase (including International numbering from over 40 countries and 5000 area codes) and porting, together with market-leading fraud mitigation platform with live monitoring for resellers. UC-Reseller provides both UK Unlimited SIP Bundles as well as traditional pay-as-you-use SIP channels and can also customise bundles for resellers to make them different in the marketplace.”

“We are expanding the number of PBX’s that we support, and we welcome independent, vigorous interop testing of our platforms by PBX vendors,” said Adam Mathews, senior UC specialist at UC-Reseller. “The interop conducted by Vodia Networks was extensive and thorough, and we are delighted to have successfully passed the Vodia Networks interop test for SIP Trunking with the Vodia PBX.”

“We are very excited that Vodia’s interop with the UC-Reseller SIP trunks has proven successful. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship where managed service providers can now combine the rock solid Vodia PBX with UC-Reseller’s secure, flexible, and cost-effective SIP trunks,” added Eric Altman, sales engineer at Vodia Networks.

UC-Reseller is a voice and messaging solutions distributor, whereas Vodia Networks is a SIP trunking provider and SIP server software developer.

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