UK mobile consumers to spend more on mobile offers

According to new research, nearly two thirds (61%) of UK consumers would spend more with their mobile service provider if mobile operators gave them the flexibility to choose the options that fit their needs.

Results from the new study, announced by Convergys, show that consumers are increasingly willing to ‘bundle’ broadband, TV, and even games consoles with their mobile service, so long as the provider can offer the flexible service and choice that customers demand.

However, the Convergys survey finds that mobile operators are missing excellent opportunities to sell new bundles to UK subscribers. Nearly one consumer in two (49%) said that they do not receive any promotions or offers on bundles from their providers, even though three quarters (72%) claim they would like to.

As a global business in relationship management, Convergys believes these trends mark a new dynamic in the consumer mentality following the economic slowdown. Rather than cutting back on expenditure, the survey suggests UK consumers would spend more on their mobiles and make savings elsewhere.

Tapping into this demand will require operators to consider using convergent billing and customer care solutions to harness real time intelligence into customer preferences. With this intelligence, operators can make relevant offers and support each sale with tailored, multi-channel customer service.

Bob Lento, Convergys’ president of information management, said: “It is impressive to see the level of trust UK consumers place in their mobile providers. As new technologies emerge and new services become available, it is clear that subscribers want their mobile providers to advise them on which services they should buy and which combination of services will give them the best value for money. This is a great win-win for the mobile operator as each contact with the customer provides an opportunity to increase user revenues.”

Lento continued: “However, it concerns me that so many people don’t receive offers from their mobile operators, even though they would like to. This is a missed opportunity. If operators are to ensure a return on their customer interactions, they need to utilize convergent billing solutions, customer service channels, and real-time intelligence strategically, so that each customer receives relevant offers and the services he or she needs.”

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