UK PBX Market Posts Record Results in Q3 2007

Analyst MZA reports that the UK PBX and IP PBX market is on course to improve all results seen in 2006 as the total market increased by 8% in the third quarter of 2007 with a record breaking 744,000 extensions sold.

Some impressive growth rates were recorded in the below 100 extensions market which was up by almost 20%. This has been a result, say MZA, of vendors increasing their focus on this area of the market with a flurry of new products and packages being released to address this space as Nortel’s BCM50 and Cisco Systems UC500 products in particular make an impact.

Market segments to watch include the 31 to 50 and 51 to 100 extensions – here the heat has been really turned up on the competition as double-digit growth is registered in both categories.

Meanwhile the enterprise space cools off as volumes decline by 5% overall, weighted by the more volatile 1000+ extensions segment. Improvements in the 101 to 1000 space were not enough to offset declines caused by inactivity in the largest size categories. MZA note that economic concerns surrounding a forthcoming global slowdown may have sent some jitters through the corporate sector.

With 18% chare, BT remains the UK’s top supplier and Cisco is the number one manufacturer. Avaya remain in second place while Nortel, who were number one in Q2 2007 take up third position this quarter. The influence of the North American manufacturers is now beginning to impact the below 100 extension market where Nortel find themselves at the top of the table, marginally in front of Panasonic. Cisco and Avaya take first and second place in the above 100 extensions market.

IP Extensions Market:

The message surrounding the benefits of IP continue to be heard as the IP extensions market grows by just under 30%. This means that IP penetration is running at 36%, which compares to a 30% penetration rate in Q3 2006 and a 35% penetration rate in Q2 2007. Furthermore, IP extensions accounted for 18% of all extensions that were sold in the below 100 extensions market, up from 15% in Q2 2007 and 64 % of all extensions supplied in the above 100 extensions market were deployed as IP.

Cisco deploys almost 40% of all IP extensions in the UK while Mitel remains in second position this quarter with a 27% share. In the below 100 extension market Mitel takes pole position accounting for around one-third of all IP extensions with a market share of more than 40%.

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