UK PBX Market Slows at end 2005

Analyst MZA has reported a slow down in the UK PBX market at the end of 2005. Sales figures from vendors for the fourth quarter 2005 show a minimal one percent growth in overall shipments compared to the same period in 2004.

When you look at market segments however there is some cheer with the over 100 extension market rising 10% and the 501 to 1000 extension market up 20%. Sadly for most channel players neither of these segments constitute areas of major activity as they are predominantly in the domain of vendor direct sales forces and BT.

The meat and gravy for the channel is in the sub 100 extension market and here MZA reports that the market fell away by five percent in terms of extensions shipped.

BT maintained the overall lead in the supplier market with 25% market share of extensions shipped with Avaya in second place followed by Panasonic and then Cisco.

In the below 100 extension segment Panasonic retained their market lead, followed by Nortel and Panasonic. Above 100 extensions Nortel was number one followed by Cisco and then Avaya.

IP extensions also slowed in Q4 2005 with MZA noting a 54% increase compared to 80% the year before but now account for nearly a quarter of all extensions shipped. Cisco retains a lead in this market with a 40% share followed by Mitel, Nortel and then Avaya in fourth place.

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