UK SME’S TO Access C&W’s Latest Cloud Services

Star, a provider of on-demand computing and communication services to UK businesses, has turned to Cable&Wireless to guarantee the provision of a unified, next-generation IP network for its customers.

Star required a network capability to help guarantee the high performance delivery of its portfolio of On-demand Business Services such as hosted services for email, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Unified Communications. The network also needed to meet Star’s strict criteria for scalability, geographical reach, resilience and class-of-service.

Having determined that its own dark fibre and leased line network would not suffice to future proof customer needs, Star devised an ambitious plan in conjunction with Cable&Wireless Worldwide to move all associated customer circuits and network traffic to Cable&Wireless Worldwide’s next-generation IP network. In total, the network migration entailed moving 600 leased line and Ethernet circuits, creating a further 340 leased line circuits in a 20 week period.

The resulting network consolidation gives Star the ability to offer new and existing customers universal access to more than 1,600 PoPs via Cable&Wireless Worldwide. This means customers can now take advantage of a massively extended network while Star has significantly reduced the ongoing investment in infrastructure management. Cable&Wireless Worldwide will be managing the network, allowing Star to focus entirely on its customers and their needs.

Star’s existing customers have received the benefit of this technology refresh and upgrade without any increased charges and without any changes to contract terms, service levels or performance guarantees. Following the success of the project, the two companies are now looking at further network and product developments in support of Star’s On-demand Business Services strategy for mid-market customers.

Ricky Hudson, Chief Executive Officer at Star commented: “This project was hugely challenging, yet it was executed flawlessly by a great team working together towards a common objective. I’m particularly delighted with the outcome, and the ease with which we have been able to work with Cable&Wireless Worldwide. The network collaboration with Cable&Wireless Worldwide provides immediate scalability for our customers as they take up Star’s On-demand Business Services. This means our customers not only get the best hosted services available from our UK data centres but are also future-proofed with the very latest business-grade connectivity bundled together with Star’s leading service levels.”

Ian Thomas, Managing Director, Public Sector and Partners, Cable&Wireless Worldwide added: “Star is one of our key channel partners, addressing the needs of UK businesses in the SME sector. Working together allows us to offer the benefits and capabilities of our next-generation network to a wider audience. We’re incredibly happy with the success of the project and the benefits this will bring to Star and its customers.”

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