UKFast Launches On-Site Clean Room

Hosting and cloud specialist UKFast has achieved an industry first with the launch of an on-site data recovery clean room within its Manchester data centre.

The clean room is the first of its kind to be located on-site, meaning data recovery can start immediately and the chances of recovering lost data are maximised for clients.

Lawrence Jones, UKFast CEO, said: “Having the clean room on site gives us that extra power in disaster recovery – more time. We are cutting the time it takes to begin data recovery by removing the need to outsource or move to another facility so we can set to work on disks straight away.

“We own the data centre building, the land that it sits on and everything inside so we’re in full control to give our clients exactly what they need to grow and protect their businesses. Including the clean room in the design of our newest data centre is part of our strategy to own and control the different elements that deliver services to our clients, applying our high standards across every area of the supply chain.”

As businesses come to rely more and more on data in their everyday operations, the consequences of losing this information can be catastrophic. Last year, 69% of businesses lost valuable business data, which resulted in loss of both revenue and clients, and damage to brand reputation, according to research by security firm Symantec.

As UKFast’s data centres and on-site clean room are operated under strict quality controls, the firm’s forensic recovery engineers are working in the very best environment to open and examine clients’ hard drives and disk media.
The recovery process of lost data within the clean room includes everything from complete rebuilds of hard disks to the replacement of damaged or faulty components.

Equipped with the best technology available to recover valuable data, UKFast’s clean room is fitted with air filters to ensure that there are no dust particles present when a disk is opened. Dust particles – even as small as the diameter of a human hair – can damage a disk beyond repair. UKFast’s clean room filters remove particles as small as 0.3microns.

In addition to this, as electrostatic discharge (static shock) can be extremely damaging to hard disks – comparable to a lightning bolt hitting a tree – all equipment and team members within the clean room are fully discharged before handling any equipment.

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