Ultima Labs launches automated cloud platform for MSPs 

Ultima Labs, the product development arm of Ultima, has announced that MSPs can now purchase its proprietary automated cloud platform.

The IA-Cloud platform will enable MSPs to transform the way they manage and optimise workloads for their customers in the cloud. By leveraging IA-Cloud, Azure management costs are reduced on average by 66 per cent and fewer fix issues increase customer satisfaction and retention rates and improve Azure consumed revenues.

Scott Dodds, CEO, Ultima, explained, “While developing our own automated platforms for our customers we were asked by our partners and Microsoft to build them for other MSPs so that’s what we’ve done. With remote working continuing apace, MSPs are under pressure to manage new workloads and optimise workloads via the cloud at an unprecedented rate.

“IA-Cloud is designed to build, monitor, manage and optimise Azure environments for MSPs with enterprise level architecture so that they can focus more on customer service and innovation. It allows MSPs to deliver new services and automate existing ones, thereby adding value to existing customers and growing their customer base.”

IA-Cloud simplifies, through automation, the daily activities of managing and monitoring Azure cloud environments. Automated management allows for effortless scaling, and automated workflow takes care of business as usual, while direct integration with ITSM and native cloud platforms and automated fixing reduce technical issues significantly.

Amyn Jaffer, head of Ultima Labs, added, “We’ve created technology that allows our cost and recommendation engine to reduce costs to serve without impacting service levels. Our automated monitoring allows customers to track performance levels and issues in real-time via a single portal. Zero-touch infrastructure documentation is also included which saves engineers around 150 hours a year – time well spent on improving customer engagement instead. We’ve made it so simple for MSPs too – the new platform can be set up and switched on ready to go in a matter of minutes.”

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