UM Labs Gain ZEN Enterprise SBC interoperability

UM Labs Ltd and Zen Internet have successfully concluded a joint technical evaluation allowing Zen and its channel partners to use the UM Labs SIP Security Controller (an Enterprise SBC) as customer premises equipment for their Business Talk SIP trunk connections.

The UM Labs SIP Security Controller was first released in 2008 and was designed from the outset to provide security and service enablement for SIP interconnections. Since then the UM Labs SBC has been used to provide SIP trunk and remote user connections to a wide range of SIP systems. Zen Internet have successfully completed interworking testing of their SIP trunk service with the UM Labs SIP Security Controller to provide a standard termination point for their Business Talk SIP trunk connections. The UM Labs product is installed in the end-user’s network where it will ensure full interoperability with the customer’s IP PBX and provide security for the SIP connection.

The UM Labs SIP Security Controller is able to connect any SIP capable IP PBX to Zen’s Business Talk SIP trunk service. It achieves this through a unique facility that handles any differences between the SIP interfaces presented by the PBX and those expected by the trunk. This means that trunk connections can be deployed rapidly without the risk of delays caused by solving interoperability problems.

The UM Labs SIP Security Controller is available in a range of sizes starting at 10 concurrent active calls and extending to over 1,000 calls. Its affordable pricing mean a rapid return on investment even for small companies needing 10 or fewer concurrent calls.

Peter Cox, CEO of UM Labs commented, “Our successful interworking testing and relationship with Zen Internet means that Business Talk SIP customers can benefit from simple and trouble free installation and will also gain a range of other benefits such as connections for remote and roaming users. Our products include a range of security controls which mean that external SIP links can be delivered to the corporate PBX without running the risk of call fraud or other attacks”.

Andrew Saunders, Head of Product Management and Marketing, Zen Internet echoed this, saying “The UM Labs Controller enables our customers with IP PBX’s to connect to our Business Talk SIP service. It will also enable our Partners to easily install and connect to customers’ PBX systems and manage the end to end solution, subsequently adding value to their own customer base. The UM Labs Controller creates a standard termination point to allow SIP Trunks to run on existing data connections – and it provides the security and flexibility for the customer to connect their remote and roaming users over any IP or WiFi network.”

“At Zen Internet, we talk a lot about the convergence of voice, data and Internet access, and Business Talk SIP is a good example of how this can help businesses reduce costs and improve communications. Now that faster and more reliable broadband connectivity is available, SIP Trunking becomes feasible for all business.

As an ISP we have built and manage our own IP network and have no legacy voice or TDM network, making us ideally placed to help Partners take advantage of the SIP Trunk opportunity,” added Saunders.

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