Underperforming Intranets costing UK companies £2.7bn

Intranets are seriously underperforming in 25% of large UK companies and 42% of medium-sized UK firms. This underperformance is resulting in wasted staff time to the sum of £2.7bn per year. These are the major findings of a new report from User Experience experts Mando Group.

The report, titled ‘Internal Engagement’, describes the corporate intranet as being in a state of inertia: “The corporate intranet is commonplace but, typically, it is not receiving the attention required to transform from a rather dated information hub to become a tool that expedites workflow, collaboration, decision-making and, ultimately, business growth.”

Mando commissioned new research to establish just how costly this inertia is to UK plc. The resulting wastage sum of £2.7bn should act as a serious wake-up call to businesses across every sector.

Jonathan Seal, Strategy Director, Mando Group comments “These figures make for stark reading and the impact to businesses is very clear – certainly in terms of ROI. But an underperforming intranet – where information is hard to find and utilise – also has wider implications affecting employee engagement and collaborative development.

“Leading firms are recognising that intranets must be built around in-depth research and user-analysis. Involving the end users in the design and testing process should be a given. But results suggest that, too often, intranet development is happening in isolation.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine