Unicom Appoints Singularity for WLR3 Migration

Telecom service provider Unicom, which specialises in business-to-business connections, has appointed Singularity as its WLR3 integrator as part of OFCOM’s stipulation that BT Retail and third party Communication Providers (CPs) should use the same mechanisms to access the OpenReach network to ensure ‘equivalence of input’.

BT must provide equal market conditions for line switching for all CPs, including BT Retail and from 30th June, BT Retail was obligated to process all new orders through WLR3.

Currently CPs interact with the BT wholesale network using the WLR2 platform. From 2007, as part of BT’s undertakings to Ofcom, OpenReach will be asking all CPs to migrate to the WLR3 platform as part of its restructuring, while continuing to support WLR2 for a period.

“Unicom chose Singularity to develop its WLR3 Solution because of its extensive expertise within the area – it demonstrated that it is clear leader in WLR3 integration with work it has already completed for the UK’s largest telecom provider,” said Chris Earle, Operations Director, Unicom.

“Unicom will be one of the first CP’s to adopt WLR3 and with Singularity’s Accelerator, we are able to truly see in real-time, visibility of order details per customer and all associated data and correspondence including alerting and notification of errors (via SMS, email etc.) linked to automatic remediation processes, ensuring that problems are not just flagged but that problem resolution is automated, providing us with a significant advantage over CP’s still using WLR2.

“WLR3 is key to Unicom providing a unique customer experience in the fixed line marketplace. By choosing Singularity for our Assurance and Fulfilment, we will be able to compete with BT on an equal basis for the first time and offer a superior service and product to our customers.”

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