Unicom Claim Customer from BT Every Five Minutes

Telecoms independent Unicom, which specialises in business-to-business telecom services, is seeing BT business customers switching to it at the rate of one every five minutes.

Unicom, with regional headquarters in Birmingham, Ipswich, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nottingham, Sheffield and Stoke-on-Trent, believes that businesses are increasingly recognising how its combination of low, fixed prices and high quality customer service compares very favourably with that of BT.

“We seem to have a great affinity with the small business community, and I think a great deal of the growth and success is down to nothing more complex than a no-nonsense personal service, priced highly competitively and operated from a local base,” said Chris Earle, Unicom’s Operations Director.

“We are absolutely clear in our minds about what makes the difference to our customers: a UK call centre with real people answering the telephone, 98% of calls answered within six seconds, and managers and directors who are hands-on and accessible.

“In contrast, businesses are becoming increasingly suspicious of BT.
Every five minutes a small business is turning its back on BT and moving to us because of price increases or contractual changes hidden in the depths of their website, or because of falling service standards”, said Chris.

“Our customer retention level is currently running at 86% against a sector average of around 70%. Of the 14% we lose, only a third go to competitors, the remainder being businesses that close or move premises for one reason or another, which is obviously beyond our control.”

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