Unicom extends mobile handset range

Following the successful launch of its mobile phone product, business telecoms firm Unicom has revamped the handsets available to customers and now offers the Apple iPhone.

After exceeding mobile sales projections by 47 per cent in its first month of trading in this market, Unicom decided to expand the handset range to meet the growing demand for a diverse range of mobile phones.

“Following consultation with our sales team we have increased the number of handsets available to customers from 6 handsets to 18 handsets. Our sales launch has gone exceptionally well and the volume of sales means we can support a much larger handset range. We have selected a range, from the basic Nokia 2730 and Doro 332 to the more feature packed HTC Desire and Apple iPhone, based on the features our customers have said they would like.” said Chris Earle, Operations Director for Unicom.

“The mobile tariff and pricing remains the same as when launched, with simplicity in mind in an increasingly complex market. Our mobile customers only pay for the calls and services they actually use, rather than exposing themselves to additional bundle costs.”

Unicom operations director Chris Earle said: “Customers have clearly welcomed our approach, having cut through the clutter of confusing and often misleading mobile tariffs.

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