Unicom Grows Faster

Telecom service provider Unicom, which specialises in business-to-business connections, welcomed 25% more new businesses as customers in August 2007 compared to July 2007.

Unicom signed up a new small business customer every four minutes in August 2007 – and meanwhile maintaining what claim is an industry standard-setting customer retention rate of 86%.

Unicom, based in Manchester, has regional headquarters in Birmingham, Ipswich, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nottingham, Sheffield and Stoke-on-Trent.

“There appears to be less competition in our market place, presumably due to ongoing consolidation. Consolidation has led to prices levelling out and in many cases beginning to rise, which assists both our new sales and our retention rate, each of which are heading in a favourable direction,” said Chris Earle, Unicom’s Operations Director.

“However, it is perhaps noteworthy that a traditionally quiet month from a business perspective saw a near 25% increase in the number of new connections we made.

“Nevertheless, while the telecoms sector annual average retention rate is around 70% ours is at 86%. Of the 14% we lose, only a third go to competitors, the remainder being businesses that close or move premises for one reason or another, which is obviously beyond our control.

“We get off on the right foot with most of our new customers, because while we are looking to the future in terms of raising our standards of delivery even higher, it’s something from the past that they really like: a ‘normal’ 0161 phone number, and UK-based people answering incoming calls in around six seconds.

“We provide our customers with highly competitive prices, which we fix for three years, and we strive to ensure that all customers genuinely receive the highest possible levels of customer service.

“We’re a relatively small business with a small, closely-knit and efficient management team – and we are absolutely clear in our minds about what makes the difference to our customers: a UK call centre with real people answering the telephone, 98% of calls answered within six seconds, and managers and directors who are hands-on and accessible.”

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