Unicom reveals mobile product development plan

Following the launch of its mobile product business telecommunications provider Unicom has revealed plans to develop the product further.

Unicom, which recently signed up its 1000th mobile customer, has just launched a new voicemail platform to ensure people leaving messages for their customers receive a professional experience and appointed fellow Manchester based PH Audio to provide a customised set of voicemail prompts.

Chris Earle, Operations Director, explains “We wanted to ensure callers received the very best possible experience. As we have a long standing relationship with PH Audio they were the ideal company to provide us with the prompts required. Previously they have provided us with the on hold music for our head office which sound far better than the usual Greensleeves! We wanted to bring that professional feel to our mobile product so asked them if they would be interested in providing us with recordings for our voicemail prompts.”

“Our relationship with Transatel allows us to customise our product. Consequently we can be reactive to our customers needs much more quickly than the 5 network operators can and we have a number of developments in progress. We are about to launch a data bundle to our mobile customers, offering them 50MB or 100MB per month options and are currently researching both BlackBerry and MicroSIM offerings to ensure 2010/2011 is even more successful than 2009/2010.”

Unicom recently reported pre-tax profits of £12.8m on a turnover of £50.5m and expects profits to be in excess of £15m on a turnover of more than £55m for the current year.

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