Unicom Says “Hang Up On BT” After Telecoms Giant Sneaks Through 5% Price Increase

According to Manchester based Unicom more than 90% of small businesses are completely unaware that BT is increased the cost of business line rental by 5% on November 1, 2007.

Unicom is telling companies they should hang up on BT because of hidden price increases and has pointed out that BT price increases are being sneaked through – and only a prolonged search of the BT website reveals the increases.

“We asked 670 businesses did they know about BT’s price increases – and 92% said they did not. It’s black and white: BT has hidden the price of increased line rental,” said Chris Earle, Operations Director of Unicom.

“The bottom line is that we provide better customer service to small businesses – and as of November 1, 2007, we were 14% cheaper on line rental, as well as significantly cheaper on calls, into the bargain.

“It is absolutely vital that small businesses are able to keep on top of any changes in their overheads, so for many the price increases will be something of a shock. We are utterly amazed that more businesses do not switch away from BT – it is an absolute financial no-brainer.

“As from November 1, 2007, BT increased its standard business line rental to £14.37 per month – which is £43.11 per quarter – which represents an increase of 5% on top of its current charges.

“As usual, BT introduced this price increase quietly, hidden in the small print embedded within its website. Business customers are not being properly informed about this price.

“This BT price increase is the latest in a long list. Last year BT increased its local and national rates and minimum call charge to small businesses. In June this year, it was reported that BT price increases left 11.4 million BT customers worse off, with increases in daytime local and national calls, and the doubling of BT’s call set-up charge from 3 pence to 6 pence.

“This latest price increase on business line rental makes Unicom an even more attractive and less costly alternative to BT.

“Up until now, at £12.35 per line per month, Unicom has offered 10% off BT’s standard business line rental rate. As of November, 1 with BT’s increase, this discount increased to 14%.

“As from now, all Unicom customers will enjoy even higher discounts off BT’s rates. We have sold to over 70,000 business customers on the basis of 10% off BT’s line rental.

“These 70,000 customers will now enjoy a higher level of savings on line rental as well as up to 60% saving on calls, which will make them even happier that they chose to change over to Unicom.

“With rising prices, and reducing levels of customer service, it is surprising that BT has any business customers left. It is our job to educate British businesses, tell them what BT changes BT are making, and inform them that there is an alternative. Customers should act now.

“With the increasing costs of running a business, it is likely that Unicom will need to increase its prices for new customers in the future. However, we will not increase our prices for those customers who have entered into our current fixed price agreements.”

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