Unified Business Communications Key to Increased Productivity, says Analysys Mason

Businesses must look at unified communications (UC) as a method of increasing productivity and driving down costs, says Analysys Mason, the premier adviser in telecoms, IT and digital media.

Unified communications, which is essentially a single infrastructure for voice, video, data and email in both fixed and mobile settings, can create a working environment that brings out the best in workers from the so-called ‘Generation Y’.

“Generation Y have a very different work culture from Generation X. They are used to instant information, connectivity, mobility and multi-tasking.

They also prefer interdependence over independence. In other words, they often need to collaborate with colleagues instead of working independently – they need one another,” says George Robertson, senior consultant at Analysys Mason, speaking today from the unified communications (UC) conference entitled “Together”, taking place at the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Dublin.

“Generation Y want access to the information they require, whenever and wherever they need it, whether it’s files from a server or the knowledge of a co-worker. In other words, collaboration in data, systems, and most importantly people. An organisation that implements a unified communications strategy can harness this new working mentality to its advantage,” explains Robertson.

Robertson points to the latest research that shows that firms are beginning to embrace UC, and that it will be a major growth area in the near future:
“In a recent survey, over one-third of firms saw UC as a priority, and almost one-fifth had already started some implementation. Current estimates for VoIP revenues in 2010 alone are as high as £13.5 billion worldwide. We are at the beginning of a vast market.”

“Productivity is the real driver of UC. This has mainly been seen in direct efficiencies – that is, faster communications, mobile working, home working, coupled with reductions in voice and data costs. But it goes beyond this to enable a collaborative working environment that is founded on good communication in all its forms.”

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