Unified Communications a key area of investment

87% of businesses are looking to invest in Unified Communications solutions in the near future despite fears about spending due to the credit crunch. A survey carried out for Interactive Intelligence by independent specialists Vanson Bourne revealed that only 13% of those questioned said they were not considering moving towards a Unified Communications solution.

A strong message to come out of the survey was that individual technologies that make up Unified Communications solutions such as VoIP and Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) were driving this move.

VoIP was the most popular aspect of Unified Communications, with 80% of respondents citing it as a technology they were planning to invest in as part of their customer service solution. In addition 41% said they were interested in Interactive Voice Response, 31% in presence management and 30% in Session Initiated Protocol (SIP).

Richard Brown, VP Sales EMEA of Interactive Intelligence said, “This confirms our longheld view at Interactive Intelligence that individually, technologies such as VoIP and SIP can deliver huge benefits internally to companies by improving their operations, yet when brought together as a Unified Communications solution companies can experience both improvements in customer service and internal operations.”

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