Unified Messaging Solution to Suit all Tastes

According to Paul Cheslaw, AVST’s Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, the AVST Reseller Program enables Resellers to provide their customers with award-winning messaging, speech technology and cross platform flexibility as well as gaining high margins.

“The interest in UM is picking up speed as more and more companies are faced with basic communication challenges: management of an overload of information, an increasingly mobile workforce, a demanding customer base looking for near real-time responsiveness and security issues. At AVST, we believe we have developed a solution that can help Resellers reap the opportunities this market now represents. We are therefore dedicating more resource to expand our global presence and empower our Resellers to promote sales and increase awareness in the cost effectiveness and business benefits of UM.”

The four ‘flavours’ of unified messaging offered by CallXpress 7.9 (server-based, client-based, secure and simplified) can be uniquely tailored to fit businesses and organisations in a wide range of industries. UM architecture choices featured in CallXpress 7.9 include:

? Server-based: All messages (voice, fax and e-mail) are placed into one location – the e-mail server. Users can access voice messages using any or all of their familiar methods: desktop e-mail program, telephone, web-based e-mail access program or PDA e-mail program

? Client-based: Voice and fax messages remain on the CallXpress system. This dual message store version integrates voice and fax message access from the desktop e-mail client and voice, fax, and e-mail message access from the telephone while minimising impact on the LAN and e-mail message store

? Secure: Messages on CallXpress are accessed using Web PhoneManager, a secure voice portal, ensuring that voice and fax messages never interact with the e-mail server and therefore cannot be forwarded externally

? Simplified: An e-mail notification is sent, optionally including a copy of the user’s voice or fax messages as an attachment to the e-mail

Cheslaw says all these ‘flavours’ of UM from one solution allow the Reseller to give the customer real choices when implementing UM and meet specific requirements – providing an ideal solution for both parties.

“The CallXpress option means, unlike many UM solutions, an organisation doesn’t have to rip out a current phone system and jump headfirst into the new world of IP telephony, as CallXpress integrates with more traditional and IP switches than any other UM product on the market, as well as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novel Groupware. It also has the unique ability to provide the telephone user interfaces of the prior generation voicemail systems, so eliminating end user re-training as they move to UM.

This allows a Reseller to offer the customer an upgrade to its existing phone switches, or migrate to IP telephony, with virtually no disruption to employees and the organisation. This level of compatibility and flexibility makes it a much easier sell for the Reseller and a much smoother process for the customer.”

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