Unify Deploy “Connected Patients” Initiative

Unify has announced that healthcare institutions around the world are deploying Unify’s Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Part of a trend known as the “Connected Patients” initiative, these healthcare providers and facilities are leveraging the technology to deliver an enhanced patient experience that includes high-quality patient care, team awareness, reduced liability, and lower costs for hospital administrations.

The Connected Patients concept involves modifying Unify’s UC solutions specifically for healthcare settings, delivering a seamless user experience that includes voice, audio and video conferencing, online collaboration, messaging, and contact center functionality in one solution.

“Unify’s OpenScape Xpert platform provided Kids Intensive Care and Decision Support’s (KIDS) clinical staff with more flexibility in its communications, such as the ability to transfer between calls, to leave and rejoin and allow the KIDS operator to create and deconstruct conferences while still holding individual personnel on the console,” said Phil Wilson, KIDS Lead Nurse at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. “With this technology, expert medical staff and other key personnel can maneuver in and out of calls, so that more than one case and complex discussions can take place simultaneously. The touchscreen console is easy to use and the call handling environment is clearly visualised, facilitating conference call management so patient care remains the utmost priority.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine