United Planet makes enterprise portals into mobile apps

United Planet, a developer of enterprise portal software in Europe, has highlighted the increasing need for companies to create flexible workplaces.

As a growing number of workers often spend more time working outside of the office than at their workstation, companies are increasingly facing the challenge of providing these employees with guaranteed access to business critical information, anytime and anywhere.

Mobile devices like the iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, and tablet PCs are now powerful enough to enable workers to work efficiently outside the office. However, it is only companies that create their own web-based applications for smartphones and tablet PCs that are able to provide their employees with the most flexible and efficient environment in which to work.

United Planet’s standard portal software, Intrexx, enables companies to transform all the information and applications residing on an enterprise portal, into mobile web applications, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Without programming, companies can convert Intrexx portal applications and forms for access by modern smartphones or tablet PCs. Even data from existing systems, such as SAP or Lotus Notes, can quickly be made mobile in this way.

“Intrexx helps modern knowledge workers work whenever they want”, explained Axel Wessendorf, managing director at United Planet. “It provides employees with access to vital company, product and project data from wherever they are working. They are not only able to view this data, but also to change or update it. This is particularly important for field-based employees or managers who need to be able to monitor business processes at all times.”

A mobile Intrexx Enterprise Portal provides employees with read and write access to the most important company information from anywhere, at any time.

Whether they are dealing with price lists, material data or product information, employees can edit all data on the spot. All modifications are transferred to the portal in real time.

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